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Welcome to Niko Machinery & Welders, Inc.   
This family owned and run business has been in operation over 30 years supplying North America, Europe, Central America, Asia and South America regarding all forms of wire/tube forming and resistance spot welding.    Niko Machinery & Welders, Inc. is a fully equipped machine shop located in Southern California which provides the following services throughout the world:


  • Wire Forming Machinery
    • Hand Benders 
    • CNC Wire Benders
    • Single Head Benders
    • Double Head Benders
    • Four Head Benders
    • Trimmers 
    • Folding Brake
    • Ring Rollers
    • Basket Press
  • Tube Bending 
    • Single and Two Head Benders
    • Tube Swadger 
    • Tooling for tube bending and fabricating
  • Resistance Spot Welder
    • Rocker Arm Welders
    • Press Welders
    • Press Projection Welders
    • Butt Welders
    • T Welders
    • Multi-Head Welders
    • Mesh Welders
    • Tooling for various wire welding applications 
  • Custom Design Machinery
    • Speciality designed wire/tubing form machinery to fit your needs
    • Speciality designed welding (spot) machinery to fit your needs 
  • Repair of existing wire/tube bending/spot welding machinery by any manufactuer 
  • Specialized machine work - you have a part in mind we can make it happen
    • Prototype for patents
    • Rotisserie BBQs  
    • Custom display fixtures for stores  
  • CNC Machinery to support your needs 
  • Assist in aqurring previously used machinery
    • Dismantling and coordination of shipping of purchased machinery anywhere in the United States for shipment anywhere in the world  
    • Installation in your facility anywhere in the world
  • We can supply a total turn-key setup equipment and machinery for your fabricating shop, including customized machinery to meet your special needs.

Niko Machinery & Welders, Inc. would welcome any opportunity to work with you toward our common goal..IMPROVE PRODUCTION AT LOWER COST!  If we can be of futher assistance, please do not hesitate to call, or e-mail us with any questions you might have.

Call us for a free quote at 310-534-1310 or email us at


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